Rocca Calascio

It is the location of numerous films (Lady Hawke, The Name of the Rose, The American). The castle is located between the valley of “Tirino” and the upland of “Navelli”.
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Villalago can be described as "A gem between lakes and mountains". The lake of San Domenico represents an explosion of reflections of light which reflect the surrounding vegetation.
The frame of the lake is represented by the hermitage of San Domenico, which includes a cave where the saint lived in around the year 1000 and the entrance “portico”, from where you can have a privileged view of the lake.
During the autumn the colours of the leaves create a unique and natural sight that fills the landscape with a thousand shades.
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Costa dei Trabocchi

It is the stretch of coast which extends from Ortona to Vasto .
It is characterized by a crystalline sea with cliffs and the presence of the “trabocchi”, i.e. buildings similar to stilt houses once used for fishing, which nowadays have become restaurants.
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Campo Imperatore

It is an immense plateau, with no human settlements, ideal for long trails with drones and solitary trips by car.