Video Production

Studio Andreace’s goal is to deliver a powerful marketing package, by creating permanent images in the viewer’s mind. Studio Andreace has been working in the field of video production in a space with green screen, recording room, video equipment and cutting-edge technology. By studying the best functional solution for each individual customer, the final result has always been a high level professional video.
Andreace Studio is located in Chieti, in viale Abruzzo 17 (Abruzzo, Italy), by Loov studios. It has got a photographic studio, a green screen, two recording studios, editing stations, a post-production studio and a suitable environment for any type of audiovisual production.

Maximum care for detail

We take care of every aspect of production, from the development of the creative idea to production and post production. Our space is equipped with a recording studio, a photographic studio and a wide range of equipment, as well as a constant updating which allows us to keep up with the times and new trends.

In Italy and beyond

Suitable equipment and houses for all types of travelling, we shoot in all regions of Italy and in major European capitals for documentaries or to follow the promotional tours of our customers. Moreover, thanks to our collaborative network, we offer the most efficient solution to the customers, throughout Italy and for your every possible need.